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Bicycle Fit

At Bernie's Bicycle Center bicycle fitting is more of an art than science. Don't be fooled by lasers and mirrors, a great fit is much more than a computer telling you where you need to sit and place your hands. We use our many years, thousands of fittings, and certified training to give you the best and most comfortable ride for your style of cycling.

The goal of a proper bicycle fit is to achieve a comfortable, efficient and repeatable position. Whether you want to enhance the ride on your existing bike, or are purchasing a new bicycle, Bernie's Bicycle can help you fine-tune your fit for optimum performance.


Generally, you should be balanced on your sit bones, with your pelvis forward. Your back should be flat with your arms slightly bent and your chest should be open. Weight should be balanced between your hands and the seat. Achieving this is easier said than done, but that’s why we’re here!

Although accurate measurements of your body are critical, the best fits encompass much more than mere numbers. A comprehensive fit also takes into account:
- Physical stats (age, sex, height, weight)
- Ride style. Are you a novice, racer, distance rider, etc.?
- Is the fit to address a particular problem?
- What kind of mileage are you doing? Are you riding year round?
- Do you participate in other sports?
- What are your riding goals?
- Do you stretch?
- Do you have any constraints or injuries to take into account?
All road bicycles sold at Bernie's includes a full fitting. Our fitting experts are ready to fit you today. Please call for an appointment to get set up for a great ride.