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    Bernie's Bicycles is proud to be offering Sector 9 Longboards. Longboarding dates back to the 1950's as a way for surfer's to have a second option when there were no waves or a way to get around. Modern skateboards and skate parks owe their existence to the first longboards. With the growth of skateboarding and snowboarding, a new generation took a look back in history to longboards and they look at it as a fun and effective way to cruise around or get to work and school. Surfers, and now snowboarders, can use longboards as a way to continue refining their balancing and coordination skills, or just have fun.

Sector 9 started in La Jolla, CA in 1993 and to this day are making handmade boards in the USA. Please stop in to Bernie's Bicycles to see our inventory and test ride our demo longboards.

  Never shy away from a daunting hill again! Race up steep inclines with smooth, responsive acceleration. With Boosted Dual+, you have access up to 4 times the power that elite Tour de France riders generate when climbing a mountain–that’s a lot. Plus, Boosted’s powerful regenerative braking system allows you to come to a stop confidently, even while turning or going down a hill. The belt­ driven system magnifies the torque* of the motor by 3x, giving you stronger brakes, faster acceleration, and steeper hill climbing than hub motors. Belts are also quiet and more precise, giving you a better ride with more control.Boosted Boards collaborated with Loaded to create a custom-designed Vanguard deck. The bamboo provides a natural suspension and damping over bumps, while still delivering enough energy for a snappy, responsive ride. Boosted offers two battery options so you can decide which is right for you. A 6-7 mile range which comes standard, or an extended 12 mile range battery. Your board will last for years and thousands of miles. Whether you’re riding over uneven city streets, through unexpected potholes, or off the occasional curb, the Boosted board is designed to take it all.


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