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Meet Our Staff

Elias Rivera,  Owner

After years of working closely with Tim (owner for 40 years ) Eli has taken over as the owner of Bernies Bicycles.

Elias, better known at Bernie’s as Eli, grew up in Hamilton Township, New Jersey.

Eli has been a member of Bernie’s staff for 15 years and it was at Bernie’s that Eli made his decision to become a competitive BMX bike rider. Eli had competed in many races and competitions eventually expanding his interested to racing a customized Lapierre road bike.

To be knowledgeable in all aspects of Bernie’s business, Eli also has developed his road bike riding skills and is an avid participator in organized rides. Eli loves extreme sports and tries any sport that keeps him active and moving. In addition to biking, Eli enjoys surfing, body boarding and snow boarding.

Eli attributes the values he learned through competitive sports with making him the strong person he is today. Eli brings his sports knowledge, interest in people, and his ability to speak Spanish to Bernie’s team of employees, furthering the team’s dedication to customer satisfaction and service.

Rich Bryner, Service Manager 

Rich has been a bicycle enthusiast since he was 5 years old. He was a successful racer of BMX/Mountain/Road bikes for many years. No longer racing but you can find him most either commuting  to work or out for a road group ride on his days off.

Rich has been a part of Bernie’s for 10 years bringing his expertise in bicycle mechanics, design, and building to the shop and customers. With over 30 years of service experience and industry training, and certifications from brands like Shimano, Sram, Mavic and others, he has seen it all and can repairwhatever is needed.

Jason Lane, Service/Sales

Jason has been on staff at Bernie's for many years now. His bicycling experience includes BMX, mountain biking and most recently he's begun to ride on the road with a Fuji.  Jason continues to build his skills both on and off the showroom floor. Jason has been working close with Rich, the service manger, to be able to perform all of your bicycle repairs. Jason has a technical background and can be found updating Bernie's website.

Wayne Ulmer, Man About Town
Wayne is our go to guy. Sometimes you will find Wayne in the shop helping out, but most of you will know Wayne from the many times he is out and about in the Bernie's Bicycle support car helping with the many community rides and events that we here at Bernie's Bicycles participate in. The next time you are on a ride or at an event and you see Wayne, please feel free to stop and talk to him and ask for support.