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Stand Up Paddle boarding is a cultural and athletic phenomenon that kick-started in Hawaii but today has exploded into mainstream consciousness as a result of its popularity as a fitness tool with a huge range of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, and Owen Wilson.
Not only can you lower your blood pressure, improve your cholesterol and feel more energized after a session, but the overall experience of being on the water is often touted as "aqua therapy."

According to professional surfer Sam Hammer, whether one is cruising in an inner bay or blasting through waves, it's the wobbly board surface, inherently unstable nature of water, and the occasional extra challenge of gusting wind that adds to the difficulty of balancing on a SUP board. This offers a complete full body workout that activates the core as you have to depend on these muscles all the time to stabilize yourself and secure yourself into the deck of the board.

It's almost as if your core and abdominal muscles are "gripping" the board. In turn, you work on conditioning your back, arms and legs, and even your toes and feet while paddling. A good half hour on a paddle board will make your quads and calves sore, for sure. Once you get acquainted with SUPing, it's like any other rigorous exercise, and an excellent vascular activity: however, it is also uplifting and relaxing in a way few other sports can match.

As an added bonus to cyclists, SUPing is a complimentary training activity to cycling as it results in increased core stability, balance, and leg strength.


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